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Provision Marketing Services

Telecommunication Marketing Services & Solutions

Advanced Fiber Optics & Networks

ProVision Marketing Services, Inc., delivers to residential consumers vital, enhanced global communication products, services and technologies, in a manner that saves customers both time and money. We do this by providing a highly effective "in-house" mercenary sales team of professional door-to-door sales services to corporate sales executives of large cable and telecommunications companies.
Welcome to ProVision Marketing Services, Inc.
Our Mission
Our Company is sought after by the industry’s major cable-telco conglomerates, such as Time Warner Cable and CenturyLink, some of with whom we are contracted. We are not resellers. Instead, we recruit large numbers of independent contractors, who act as formal, integrated, uniformed agents of our clients. We are experts in providing a critical, high-quality, highly effective, and reliable direct selling service at the door.

As a well-compensated mercenary sales force that puts "boots on the ground," we are the team to which major cable-telco corporate executives turn, in order to:
  1. hit budgeted sales targets where there may be weak results in existing markets
  2. defend geographic markets from competitors
  3. ensure successful market launches
Our unmatched track record speaks for itself.

Clients Services
  • DirectTV
  • AT&T

Telecommunications companies we work with.
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